Several companies have seen the appeal of the Flea Circus and used it for advertising. Recent examples include:


DHL Flea Circus from Lindauer and Computer CafeAn unfortunate flea trainer foolishly trys to send his fleas via the US Postal service rather than DHL and looses his fleas to a heavy handed postal worker. Director Lindauer from Believe Media worked closely with several shops, among them, Santa Monica-based Computer Cafe . These provided CGI flea animation as well as compositing services for the piece titled "Flea Circus"

Hewlett Packard - Wobulation

Hewlett Packard - WobulationNovember 2005: A new technology Wobulation in HP's newest products is allowing us to see more details like the fleas in a flea circus! The animated film, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco and Bent Image Lab in Portland, Ore., shows fleas being shot out of cannons and attempting to jump through a ring of fire.

Further comments on this production can been seen on one of the animators websites

And some promtional posters can also be found on David Manuel's blog

iPod Flea

IPod Flea

Before the iPod Nano came a spoof advert from Scott Kelby for the iPod Flea a tiny music player that holds just one MP3 song.

Motorola V710

Three Marylin fleas advertise the video capability and high resolution of this mobile phone.

Playstation 2

Sony told us to "Escape the Circus and live beyond the limits of the imaginary lid" in their Playstation 2 Advert.

PS2 Advert - Escape the Circus