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Svensons Flea Circus

Please note that this is a very old interview so for the latest information on the Svensons Flea Circus please visit their website.

Svensons can also build you a full sized suitcase Mossman flea circuses and cigar box Flea Circuses

Back in September 2005 I interviewed the a young chap who at the time was the youngest flea tamer in the world.

An interview with the Youngest Flea Tamer in the World

Old Map of the United KingdomSven Svenson's Flea Circus is based in the UK. At 15 years old, this is performed by possibly the youngest flea tamer in the world. I was luckily enough to catch him at a free moment between performing and designing new acts.

Q: Could you describe your show?

My show may not be as good as the masters like Cardoso and Walt Noon, but it certainly is full of traditional flea circus novelty! The high dive and flea cannon! Are all classics performed!

Q: Which is your favourite act?

lol I have two at the moment! the high dive and the flea cannon! but i do have dreams, I have always wanted a flea 'wall of death' in which the fleas will mount tiny miniature motorbikes and ride round and round a wall lol, but that will take alot of work!

Q: What first attracted you to performing fleas?

hmmm that is a hard one, I don't actually know myself about were I began, but the Internet really did show me the information I needed!

Q: How long have you been building circuses?

I built my first circus in around 2000, it was based on my own designs and was really just a case with a ring lol, it was very simple, plain and boring. But then just the beginning of this year I thought I have to make an effort, and built my second one, this one is set in a case and the layout is similar the the great Walt Noon's versions.

Q: What skills are needed for a circus builder and for performing?

Personally I think there are many (even I have not learnt them all) the major skills though are being good with kids, slight of hand, misdirection, and keeping the audience awake!

Q: Do you prefer building or performing?

hmmmm lol, I like both. I'm a very constructive person, but yet I love to see my creations in action.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for naming the fleas?

Many of my fleas names are the common ones, Victor and Bruno. These are known well in the flea circus world.

May I thank Sven for this interview

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