Flea Circus Research - Multilingual dictionary

Trying to explain what a flea circus is to someone in different language can be a difficult job so here are a few translations to help you along. If you have any other translations please send them in so they can be added. Some of these counties don't typically use a literal translaction so I've included the English phrase for these.

Danish Loppe Cirkus
Dutch Vlooientheater
Esperanto pulon cirkon
French Cirque De Puce
German Floh-Zirkus
Hebrew Kirkas Paroshim
Italian Circo della pulci
Latin (via Aesops Fables) de Pulice
Norwegian Loppesirkus
Portuguese Circo de Pulgas
Spanish - "Exhibition of trained fleas" Circo De Pulga / exhibición de pulgas amaestradas
Swedish Lopp Cirkus
Tagalog (Philipines) Surot sírko
Welsh syrcas chwain

For French Teachers with an interesting in fleas, you may wish to see Portland Secondary College's "Le Cirque des impossibilités" project..

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