Flea Circus Suppliers

So having viewed these pages, read the history and perhaps seen another performer you now want to get started with your own flea circus. You can either buy one ready made, get a kit or build one from scratch.

Flea Circus Plans

Buy or build your own Flea Circus from the Master of Flea Circuses Walt Noon.If you want to make your own Flea Circus then Walt Noon's Flea Circus plans will show you how to make a flea circus. The videos or DVDs are not only educational but entertaining in their own right. A suplimental CD provides additional resources.

Back in 1964, Tom Palmer aka Tony Andruzzi created his "The Famous Flea Act" which he published in booklet form in 1975, these are available from some Magic stores

Buy a Flea Circus

Hakon Varol's Flea CircusWalt Noon from the USA has supplied ready made Flea Circuses all over the globe.

Magician and circus builder Hakon Varol makes and sells Flea Circuses in Europe.

Theatrics Shop 4 Props have been making and supplying Flea Circuses to the UK and Ireland for over 5 years from their base in Carmarthenshire.

Svensons Flea Circus also design and build full sized suitcase or Mossman flea circuses and cigar box Flea Circuses, suitable for those who want an ultra-portable show.

Chance from Wolf's Magic can provide a flea circus act, simply called "The Flea"

Chuck Caputo from the USA is also a Flea Circus maker and can discuss your requirements

Puppet & model maker from West Wales Karl Evans Studio also sell manual and remote controlled flea circuses

You can buy flea related books, videos and music at the Flea Circus Shop

Gold Wire

If you are going to harness your own fleas and make your own props then you will need a selection of different gauges of wire in gold and other materials. Many hobby stores, watch making suppliers and jewellery suppliers should be able to help you with this. There are also many suppliers of gold and gold coloured wire on ebay.

Accessories and tools

Fleas for saleWhat better to complement your circus than a real flea in a gold collar. Walt Noon can sell you a ex-Trained Flea  which you can use to show your audience as to what the fleas look like. Obviously the fleas in your circus are moving too fast to be seen which is why you need a restrained flea.

What better to see your fleas with than a magifying glass. These can be bought in the UK from Maplin Ltd.

Freznel Lens are commonly used in Flea Circuses because they a flat and easily transportable, they can be placed infront of the act so that the audience can get a better view. Freznel Lens can be bought from Greenweld in the UK, Anchor Optical Supplies in the USA, BHLens from China or 3D Lens from Taiwan.

Toy stores and model railway shops are good for other props, N and Z Gauge items are the smallest.

Prime Function Flea CircusIf you need some assistance with model making or have a new act and require a specialist plastic component made then Prime Function can help. Prime Function are no strangers to making flea circuses they made a fully working flea circus for an exhibition some years ago.

Flea Props

A giant flea custom hand made by Doug Higley